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Photographer's Introduction

Africa Pictures

1.1 - Intro

Welcome to Africapic! we trust that this is the beginning of a long standing partnership between you the photographer and us. We are always looking for new photographer's to contribute their work and new images to our database, which we can then showcase to the world. To supply work is free, but Africapic does charge a commission on sales. is the African partner of the European Picture Alliance (One of the largest image libraries in Europe with over 7 million images). We offer the option to photographers of promoting their Rights Managed images into the European market through the PA. For more information on this, please read paragraph 1.9. is one of the easiest libraries to submit to (provided your images are excellent!). Should you prefer, we also have a facility for the upload of files via ftp, but have found this to be slower and more expensive for the photographer (uploading pictures costs you bandwidth). For those South African photographers with a large number of exceptional images, we can arrange to send you a portable External Hard Drive. This makes submissions of a large number of files incredibly easy!

Photographers can supply as many images as they can across any range of topics and themes. If we do not have a gallery for your images let us know and we can create one.

Please note that expects photographers to submit a minimum of 100 high quality "Royalty Free" or "Rights Managed" images to the database within 6 months of signing up.

Click on Images That Africapic Is Looking For to find out what images we are seeking.

1.2 - Requests

We often send out requests (from images for expensive banners to brochures to websites), so even if you are not supplying work for the Africapic database, you can sign up here to hear about these projects.

1.3 - Non-Exclusive Image Library

We are a non-exclusive photograph library. This means that photographers can sell their work through other means/libraries as well.

1.4 - Copyright

Photographers retain the copyright of the images they supply, unless the sale thereof is specifically negotiated with the photographer. We require our clients to credit images according to European standards with's Name.

1.5 - Available Galleries

We have both a "Rights Managed" gallery as well as a "Royalty Free" gallery. So no matter what format of images or type of licensing agreement you prefer, we will be able to host it!

1.6 - Labeling

Finally, submitting images is extremely simple! Photographers can only submit labeled images. (When we refer to labels we refer to IPTC labels). (What are IPTC labels?)

1.7 - Commissions & Payouts

Commissions depend on a few very simple factors:

  1. Properly Labeled Images: 50% / 50% (Photographer/Africapic) (They must pass our Image Checker).
  2. Requests: 40% / 60% (Photographer/Africapic)
    (This increases to 50% / 50% for photographers with more than 300 images on our database)

We do not ask photographers for the banking details when they sign up, but will require the bank details when a payout is due. Africapic pays accounts three weeks after they reach 100. The three week delay is to cover Africapic in the eventuality of refund on a photographers images.

1.8 - What You Need To Do

All that you need to do, is to ensure that your images are sharp, have sufficient size and are of excellent quality! Finally, you need to get around to submitting them!

It's that easy!

1.9 - Our Partnership with the Picture Alliance (One of Europe's largest image libraries)

Africapic recently signed an exciting partnership deal in Frankfurt, Germany with the Picture Alliance.

The Picture Alliance (or PA) is one of the leading image distribution agencies in Europe (and globally), and has extensive media distribution outlets throughout Europe, as well as in Asia and North America. Their image library contains over 7 million images and they are looking to develop and grow a large collection of African themed images.

With the increase in publicity surrounding the upcoming World Cup 2010 in South Africa, the PA has contacted Africapic to set up a partnership to handle the concommitant demand of images.

Many photographer's have heard of the American based media giant "Getty Images." The PA is Europe's equivalent.

We are looking for a range of images including African themed, sports and corporate images amongst many others. To find out more about this partnership and how you can be involved, Click Here.


1.0 Photographers Introduction
      - Intro
      - Requests
      - Non-Exclusive Image Library
      - Copyright
      - Available Galleries
      - Labeling
      - Commissions & Payouts
      - What You Need To Do
      - Partnership with the PA

2.0 Image Submission Process
      - All Gallery Submissions
      - Royalty Free Submissions
      - Rights Managed Submissions
      - Editorial Gallery Submissions

3.0 Why Sign Up?
      - Passive Income
      - You Only Need to Submit
      - Africapic Can Help You
      - Submit Sooner Than Later

4.0 General Information

5.0 Image Labeling & Submission
      - LABELED Images

6.0 Photographer Downloads
      - RF Folder Structure
      - RM Folder Structure
      - Editorial Folder Structure
      - RF Image CHecker
      - RM JPEG Image Checker
      - XN View Download
      - XNView Graphic Tutorial
      - Model Release Form

7.0 Recent Information
      - 7.1 PA Partnership