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5.0 Affiliate FAQ

How can I tell if people have registered on

Sign in or log into the Affiliates/Referrals and press the [Quick Report] button on the left of the web page. Make sure that you are logged into the affiliate section of the Africapic website to see this information.

Isn't this a pyramid scheme?

No. You don't pay anything to join the referral program, and you don't even have to buy anything from in order to earn commission based on the people you refer. The program is funded entirely by

Why does have a referral program?

Because we'd rather pay our customers for marketing our business than pay some unrelated company for advertising.

Why are some of the people that I referred not listed on my referral report?

They need to have registered on before they show up on your report. If you're sure that they have registered, then please read the Q&A below.

Why are my referrals not showing up on my report, even though the referral registered on after I sent an email referral?

This could be due to a number of reasons. The most common ones are :

  1. The person typed straight into the browser without clicking your referral link.
  2. The person had cookies disabled on their browser (although this is quite rare).
  3. The person had already clicked a referral link from another person or website.
  4. The person clicked your referral link on computer A, then registered later on computer B.
  5. The person only registered after your referral "cookie" had expired.

My friend registered and I wasn't recorded as the referrer because "insert reason here". Can you please record me as the referrer?

Unfortunately, the only mechanism that we support for setting the referrer is the cookie based method and we don't set referrers manually.


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5.0 Affiliate FAQ

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