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4.0 Conditions

You may not make use of affiliate or referral links as part of an funded campaign. For example, if we have opted to buy paid advertising on your web site, or if you are charging for clicks or impressions, then the links that you use may not include your affiliate or referrer id.

You may not include links on your website if your website contains material that is offensive, racist, or pornographic in nature.

Banner images that you display on your website may not be altered in any way, and must be from an web server - you may not make local copies or serve the images from your web server.

If we change the referral fees or commission structure, then the new fees and structure will apply to referrals that become eligible for payment from that point onward, even if the referred customer registered on before the change.

These referral program guidelines should be read in conjunction with the normal Terms and Conditions of Use.


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